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  • 16-06-2010

Announced the results of a referendum Best Car Award for the selection of the best car in each category alone has got Kia Cerato for the title of the best car in the sedan compact addition to the title of a car the year 2009 total votes exceeded 20 A voice is well known that this prize, which comes as the results after a referendum rally attracted large numbers of car enthusiasts in Egypt have value and significance task one hand, it highlights the trends of dominant customers in Egypt and the cars their heart on the other hand is an accurate assessment of the level of the car and its performance, which touch the audience .. and Kia Cerato is characterized by the presence of engine capacity 1600 cc power 124 HP as well that allow transmission manual 5 speed or automatic 4-speed could be the manual transmission smooth high without the need for a clutch and the new design is quite different runs smoothly Top enhance the efficiency of fuel consumption and is Japan features sports a large extent is evident in the cabin of the new and the level of Cerato rise in the new generation so they go to competition within the Japanese car new and exciting possibilities in the 5 models is more interested in the level of safety equipment.