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  • [News] A strong appearance of racing teams in Time Attack Race
  • 23-02-2013

Time Attack Race, Saturday 23rd of February, 2013

Finally, the Time Attack Race opened the 2013 Motorsports season in Egypt after many delays for Motor Racing in Egypt because of the unstable security and social situation, in spite of that, the round which has been set up yesterday was the fourth and the final round of the competitions of Time Attack Race 2012, which was previously deferred, but the longing of many to the races made to it a special savor.

Haytham Samir has been culminated as the champion of Time Attack season 2012 with worthiness after winning the fourth round and retaining number 1 which never leave his Mitsubishi Evo car, after a competition with many competitors, the most prominent of them was Khaled Emam and Ahmed Elwakil, in the Super Sports cars category where Emam was the second and Elwakil was the third after Haytham Samir.

The fourth round of Time Attack detected many surprises, the most prominent was the first appearance of Kia Racing Team, after the entering of Egypt International Trading Company (EIT) to the Racing World and after the choosing of the famous racer Moataz Atef to represent the company in the races with the Kia Rio car which was specially modified for racing, the team first appearance was honorable, after Moataz Atef managed to be culminated in the second place in the category of the car 1600 CC with a variance parts of a second from the first place winner Mohamed Waly, and Mohamed Abdel Hay has came in the third place, thus, Kia announces itself in the competitions to join the fiercest Competitors of racing cars in Egypt.

On the other side the race detected an immensely healthy phenomenon, which is the strong appearance for many teams side by side the solo competitors, and this has been represented in the participation of Zamzam Racing Team in its first participation in Time Attack Race, Valvoline Racing, Evo Club Team, Elkirsh Team, and Seal Team, that reflects the spread of the culture of racing teams, and the importance of the teamwork in motorsport.

At the level of the solo competitors, Rami Serry the drifting superstar has participated by the competitor Ahmed Hashim's Perdua Kelisa, both of them presented a high performance with this car, while the champion of the Karting Races Tarek Khedr has participated in the Rear-Wheel Drive category and he was able to be culminated in its third place after Hany Sharaf and Hesham Elkhatib respectively.